Welcome to the Smith County Dental Society

The Smith County Dental Society is a professional association for dentists practicing in the East Texas area.  It is a group with the purpose of furthering education for dentists AND fostering better relationships between the dentists in the area and headquartered in Tyler, TX. 

In keeping with that purpose, both educational and social meetings are held in Tyler during the year.  The goal is to have every dentist in Smith County belong and get involved. 

Become a Member

Becoming a member of the Smith County Dental Society keeps you in the loop via e-mail invitations to all of the meetings.

Application Procedure

To join, please fill in the Application Form on this web site.  Dues are $200/year and you may send your check to our treasurer, Dr. Rick Coker.  The membership year is January - December. Your dues cover the costs of meetings, any meals, speaker fees and other incidentals incurred during the year.


There will be 4-5 meetings each year.  In December we have a nice party for dentists and their spouses/dates.  Smith County Dentists must be members to attend meetings.  Out-of-county dentists may attend a selected meeting for a $50 fee per person. Please send in your reservation for each meeting as soon as possible so that we may get an accurate count for spaces and/or meals.  To reserve your spot, just fill in the Reservation Form.