March 5, 2015 

 Learn About the Tekscan

If you are doing high end dentistry, and wonder why people have sensitivity problems, sore teeth, or why they break porcelain, the Tekscan will open your eyes to a different world.  The Tekscan is the most accurate way to judge occlusal contacts and is invaluable in almost all disciplines in dentistry.  Articulating paper doesn't tell the truth! 

Come and hear an introduction of the Tekscan from Dr. Scott Green, a dentist from Missoula, MT., and Mr. Clancy Scott, sales rep for Tekscan. This will keep you in the loop about some of the newest technology in dentistry.   

Why Use Tek-Scan? 

Trauma from misaligned occlusion affects every aspect of dentistry - from endodontics to periodontics to oral surgery to TMD treatment.  The Tekscan would be a game changer for any dentist placing implants or restoring them.  The Tekscan helps reduce complications and remakes because the dentist knows precisely what forces are being placed on the teeth instead of just guessing.

At the Cascades Golf Club 


6:30 - 8:30 PM

6:30 Cash Bar

7:00 Dinner

7:30 Program